“A Moment of Grace,” written by Samantha Humphrey, is the story of a young American doctor, Grace Peters (Pauley Perrette), who is working in a Palestinian refugee camp clinic and has seen far too much senseless death and maiming. When a young Palestinian couple arrives at the clinic in extremely premature labor, she risks her own life to save the infant. A positive outcome to their desperate situation hinges on Grace’s sheer determination and the graciousness of two Israeli soldiers. The story does not take sides, but rather shows the very human aspect of people living in the midst of the Middle East conflict.

Director and Co-Producer: Alba Francesca
Director of Photography: Jack Anderson
Screenwriter: Samantha Humphrey
Faculty Co-Producer: Alan Bell

Grace: Pauley Perrette
Nidhal: Tony Yalda
Samira: Rana Kazkaz
David: Eli Goodman
Ari: Brian Pollack
Dr. Al-Zain: Ray Kurut
Israeli Soldier: Roni Geva
Israeli Soldier: Ross Sharphorn
Nurse: Renee Hermiz